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Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 

Episode 1 features Cat as one of 8 selected pod artists, painting Dunnottar Castle in Stonehave, Aberdeen

'I was really lucky to be selected for Sky Art's wonderful Landscape Artist of the Year.  It was a fabulous sunny day (I got sunburned!) and the challenge to paint the castle was trees!  You get given over 4 hours to paint, during which you are interviewed by the judges on camera and also by the wonderful Storyvault team.  I was quite comfy in front of the camera....'

Artist Talk at Caversham Framer Solo Exhibition

Cat's first exhibition of the year was at the Caversham Picture Framer in Caversham, Berkshire

As part of the exhibtion, Cat gave a talk at the evening event about her inspirations and her process.  The exhibition was super successful with nine artworks being acquired.

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Finalist in The British Art Prize

Organised by Artist & Illustrator

Cat's work was selected as finalist in The British Art Prize, exhibiting at the Oxo Tower in January 2024

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Working With Lindi Reynolds & Co Interior Designers

Cat is a member of Lindi Reynolds Artist Apprecition Initiative

'As an artist you have the privilege of creating works that hang in people's houses, in spaces they relax, spend time, inhabit, entertain.  It was therefore an exciting project to be able to work with Lindi and her client to paint an artwork that was personal to her (the woods painted are from a special place to the client) for a specific space that Lindi was creating, so I had access to fabric swatches and wall colours to help guide and inspire me'


Podcasts and Radio

The PaintPod Podcast, Episode 1

Art for Art Sake, Kennet Radio



Henley Standard

Newbury Today

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