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When we walk through woods, copses and forests, we walk with our ancients. If we are willing and open, when we are amongst trees our ancients surround us, infuse us and elevate us.  They are above our heads, at our fingertips, beneath our feet - at the perimeter of our senses.


As we go deeper - primeval triggers, familiar textures, light dances, corners darken, old wisdoms are revealed, distant memories, infinitesimal reminiscences - until time falters and then stops, and the sound canopy closes around our ears, and the air thickens with it.  In that fleeting moment, all time becomes now, what has been and will be - all fused in one moment of being.  An ancient reality captured in 4 dimensions, and in Senses, Feelings, Memories and Origins.


"I invite you to walk in my paintings, to feel a real sense of space in the natural world; perhaps even recognise the trees and woods from their own lives and memories, to be able to relate to the paintings in a way that makes you feel that you have been there, that you know it, that you belong there".

If you wish to purchase or find out more about a painting, please email me: landscape artist



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