Blogs are hard

What do I write? Is anyone really interested? Is it useful? To whom? Is it whom or who?

I'm a fairly private person on social media, I don't upload many selfies or even otheries that people have taken of me, I don't share very much information that isn't related to painting, and even then, I don't share much text about my life as an artist, largely just photos of progress and final pieces. Maybe because I'm a Gen X-er I don't think in 'social media posts', perhaps because I just don't trust the web and the strange people that can inhabit the dark trolling corners as well as those ready to use your identity to steal your money (heads up: artists have bugger all) and any stalkers or lurkers ready to be your best fiend. Actually, having read the last election play out on Instagram and Facebook posts I figure saying nothing on social media and never leaving the house is the best thing for my mental health. People are scary.

Which is probably why I paint trees. I spend so long with them outdoors, seeking out new paintings, hugging them (in a very uncrazy way) and talking to them (still not crazy). In fact where I live I am surrounded by woodland and I have names for some of my favourite trees. I watch how they change through the seasons, and how the day's changing light tells different stories. I walk up to them (a steep 'up' - the best trees are uphill) with anticipation to see what has changed, what they have for me, what paintings they inspire. That's not to say I don't find people interesting too, I do, I enjoy painting portraits. But trees, trees are inhabiting a slow time, they provide a steady reliability that we notice (sometimes) through our fast time and that is the solid canvas on which I can express time and light, the two most important concepts to my art.

I adore these trees. Ashampstead Common.

So starting a Blog will be a way of sharing my life as an artist, perhaps to help me get my thoughts in order as painting can be quite an insular experience if you forget that you can talk to people, not just trees.

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